Katherine J. Wu is a Boston-based Story Collider producer and digital editor at NOVA, PBS’ science documentary series. She is an unabashedly diehard Californian and a graduate of Stanford University’s biology and creative writing programs. In 2018, she earned a Ph.D. in microbiology and immunobiology from Harvard University, where she studied how bacteria deal with stress.

At Harvard, she served as Co-Director of Science in the News (SITN), a science communication organization run by graduate students, and Curriculum Director of the Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP), an outreach program for underserved and minority high school students. Most recently, she served as a 2018 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Smithsonian magazine. In her spare time, she serves as a heat-generating pillow for her cats and continues her quest to find the authentic tacos east of the Mississippi.