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Got a Penis? You Might Have Mom’s Placenta to Thank.NOVA Next, February 2019.
Forget GPS—This Robot Navigates Like an Ant.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
Three Rocket Trends That Failed to Launch.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
So Long, Snowman: Ultima Thule is Flatter Than We Thought.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
X-Ray ‘Gun’ Identifies A Shipwreck’s 800-Year-Old Knockoff Ceramics.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
Scientists Unveil An Eco-Friendly Way to Disinfect Water Using Light.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
Deaf Children Begin Processing Information Differently in Infancy.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
A Bird’s Eye View of Quantum Entanglement.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
In a First, China Launches Weather Observation Rockets from a Robotic Ship at Sea.” NOVA Next, February 2019.
Seeing “Evolution in Real Time”: Mice Blend in to Survive.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
Archaeologists Find New Way to Determine Sex of Cremated Individuals.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
Not A Morning Person? There Might Be 350 Reasons Buried in Your Genome.NOVA Next, January 2019.
Fish Use Physics to Avoid Running into Each Other.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
Could Alzheimer’s Begin With Bacteria That Cause Gum Disease?NOVA Next, January 2019.
Eavesdropping on Volcanoes’ Silent Symphonies Can Help Forecast Eruptions.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
As Climate Change Reshapes the Antarctic, These Animals Might Fall First.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
Six Stupendous Reasons to Appreciate the Heck Out of Squirrels.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
This Rare Beetle Bucks Family Tradition—By Sucking the Life Out of Ants.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
How Long Can A Bus-Sized Whale Shark Go Without Food?NOVA Next, January 2019.
Behold, the Death of a Star—and the Birth of an Extra-Galactic Cow.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
In the World of Parrots, Nerdy Guys Get the Girls.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
Does A Universal Genetic Recipe for Monogamy Exist?NOVA Next, January 2019.
It's Not Just Us: Corals Also Thrive Best in Diverse Company.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
You Shot a Rubber Band off Your Thumb. Why Didn’t Your Thumb Get Hit?NOVA Next, January 2019.
Just in Time for the New Year, Ultima Thule Shows A Kiss Between Two Rocky Red Lobes.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
New Year, New Horizons: NASA Celebrates Most Distant Space Encounter in History.” NOVA Next, January 2019.
The Women of NASA's New Horizons Team Are Breaking Boundaries—in More Ways Than One.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
New Horizons is Approaching Ultima Thule. Here’s What You Need to Know.NOVA Next, December 2018.
Females May Soon Dominate This Turtle Population. Here’s Why That Spells Trouble.NOVA Next, December 2018.
These Dinosaurs Kept Cool With Krazy-Straw-Shaped Noses.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
Scientists Engineer Houseplants to Soak Up Cancer-Causing Chemicals.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
Sugar Can Keep Good Microbes From Colonizing Your Gut.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
This Wasp Can Recognize Faces. Others Aren’t So Lucky.NOVA Next, December 2018.
Chatty Bacteria Might Be Most Vulnerable to Viruses.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
New Fossils Reveal the Predatory Lifestyle of Australia’s ‘Top Marsupial Carnivore.’” NOVA Next, December 2018.
Parents Might Pass the Effects of Prozac on to Future Generations.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
Google Says It Built A “Superhuman” Game-Playing AI. Is It Truly Intelligent?NOVA Next, December 2018.
What Rodent Sperm Can Teach Us About Biodiversity.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
These Mice Weathered Space. Here’s What Happened to Their Immune Systems.NOVA Next, December 2018.
Is There Such A Thing as Probiotics for Paintings?NOVA Next, December 2018.
What Rodent Sperm Can Teach Us About Biodiversity.” NOVA Next, December 2018.
This 33-Million-Year-Old Whale Sucked Up Food Like A Giant Vacuum.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
Not Your Mom’s Genes: Mitochondrial DNA Can Come from Dad.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
Google Says It Built A “Superhuman” Game-Playing AI. Is It Truly Intelligent?NOVA Next, November 2018.
A Single Spine From This Cactus Can Lift a Half-Pound Slab of Pork.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
Cat Tongues Are Covered in Hundreds of Body-Cooling, Moisture-Wicking Quill Pens.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
Wombats Poop in Cubes. Scientists Are Figuring Out How.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
Scientists Track ‘Social Jet Lag’ Sleeping Habits With Twitter Data.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
How Zika and Dengue Exploit the Mother-Child Relationship.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
Amazon Turtles Recovering, Thanks to Local Volunteers.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
Moths Muffle Bat Sonar with Sound-Absorbing Wings.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
It's Fall, Which Means It's Time for Gonorrhea.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
The Forecast on Energy-Efficient Cooling Just Got a Bit Sunnier.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
A Progesterone-Pumping Device Helps Frogs Regenerate Lost Limbs.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
The Planet’s Getting Warmer. Can Plants Take the Heat?NOVA Next, November 2018.
This 100-Million-Year-Old Lizard Was the Size of A Paper Clip.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
To Fight the Flu, Researchers Turn to Llamas.” NOVA Next, November 2018.
These Butt-Blasting Beetles Love to Cuddle.” NOVA Next, October 2018.
Reconstructed Rib Cage Offers Clues to How Neanderthals Breathed and Moved.” NOVA Next, October 2018.
Dogs Can Diagnose Malaria By Sniffing Socks.” NOVA Next, October 2018.
Ship Noises Mute the Songs of Humpback Whales.” NOVA Next, October 2018.
Research Breathes New Life into the Possibility of Mars Habitability.” NOVA Next, October 2018.
When Looking for Love, Darwin’s Finches Choose Mates Just Like Their Parents.” NOVA Next, October 2018.
New Genetic Tools Unveil the Secret Life of Disease-Spreading Kissing Bugs.” NOVA Next, October 2018.
Was this 150-Million-Year-Old Fossil the First Flesh-Eating Bony Fish?NOVA Next, October 2018.
‘OK,’ ‘Sheeple’ Says Scrabble, Which Added 300 New Words to Official Dictionary.”, September 2018.
This 127-Million-Year-Old Fossil Links Dinosaur and Bird Evolution.”, September 2018.
Newly Discovered Letter Catches Galileo in a 400-Year-Old Lie.”, September 2018.
All-Female Termite Colonies Reproduce Without Male Input.”, September 2018.
Giant Panda Mating Calls Say a Lot About Them.”, September 2018.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to Reopen Without Molten Lava or Lava Glow.”, September 2018.
Mosquitoes Are Passing Microplastics Up the Food Chain.”, September 2018.
Real Planet Discovered Where Vulcan Home World in ‘Star Trek’ Is Set.”, September 2018.
How DNA Testing Could Bring Down Ivory Trade’s Biggest Criminals.”, September 2018.
What Was “Eye Cream” Doing in a 2,200-Year-Old Tomb in West Turkey?, September 2018.
New Species of Translucent, Gelatinous Fish Discovered in the Deep Sea.”, September 2018.
Wind and Solar Farms Could Bring the Rains Down in Africa.”, September 2018.
Decades After Being Passed Over for a Nobel, Jocelyn Bell Burnell Gets Her Due.”, September 2018.
The Mysterious Origins of the Smallpox Vaccine.”, September 2018.
Pregnant Male Pipefish are the Sea’s Swaggery Swingers.”, August 2018.
For Men, Gains in the Gym May Come at a Cost to Sperm.”, August 2018.
Like Humans, Some Birds Blush to Communicate.”, August 2018.
Newly Discovered Turtle Ancestors Chomped With Beaks But Bore No Shells.”, August 2018.
In the Quest for Universal Blood, Go With Your Gut.”, August 2018.
Do Not Fear the Drones Air-Dropping 50,000 Mosquitoes From Above.”, August 2018.
Oldest Cheese Ever Found in Egyptian Tomb.”, August 2018.
Museum Curators Reflect on the Legacy of the Queen of Soul.”, August 2018.
See Shells of Sea Spuds on the Seashore.”, August 2018.
Cancer Is One Worry Elephants Can Feel Free to Forget.”, August 2018.
A Macaw Breeding Center Supplied Prehistoric Americans With Prized Plumage.”, August 2018.
The National Zoo’s Beloved, Aging Emu Has Died.”, August 2018.
Behind the Scenes With the Spacecraft That Will Soar Through the Sun’s Atmosphere.”, August 2018.
What the Fox Genome Tells Us About Domestication.”, August 2018.
Why This Year’s Perseid Meteor Shower Promises to Be Especially Dazzling.”, August 2018.
Zebra Finches Dream a Little Dream of Melody.”, August 2018.
Four Foals Join the Herd of Przewalski’s Horses at the Smithsonian.”, August 2018.
Koalas Use Ancient Viral DNA to Neutralize New Invaders.”, August 2018.
Popcorn-Powered Robots? Get ’Em While They’re Hot!, August 2018.
The Real Science Behind the Megalodon.”, August 2018.
Death Valley Scorches Its Own Record for the Hottest Month in History.”, August 2018.
Lemurs Smear Bugs on Their Privates to Ward Off Infection.”, August 2018.
How Dad’s Genes Can Prepare Mom for Parenthood.”, July 2018.
At Nearly Four Months Old, the Zoo’s Youngest Gorilla Has Begun to Show His Rambunctious Roots.”, July 2018.
To Pinpoint the Origin of a Fish, Check Out Its Physique.”, July 2018.
Dads Pass On More Than Genetics in Their Sperm.”, July 2018.
Compelling Evidence Suggests There’s a Liquid Lake Beneath Mars’ Surface.”, July 2018.
A Jamestown Skeleton is Unearthed, but Only Time—and Science—will Reveal His True Identity.”, July 2018.
Why the Most Helpful Dogs Keep Calm and Carry On.”, July 2018.
New Research Suggests Dr. Seuss Modeled the Lorax on This Real-Life Monkey.”, July 2018.
It's Not Without Caws That Crows Desecrate Their Dead.”, July 2018.
Combing Through the Fishy Origins of Human Hair.”, July 2018.
Both Mice and Men Struggle to Abandon Their Best-Laid Plans.”, July 2018.
Homecoming King: The Nation’s T. rex Returns to the Smithsonian.”, July 2018.
How Fruit Flies Stay Young at Heart.”, July 2018.
This is Your Brain on Fatherhood.”, July 2018.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower: How tomato plants cause cannibalism.” Science in the News, July 2018.
A Never-Before-Seen Virus Has Been Detected in Myanmar’s Bats.”, July 2018.
New Artificial Insemination Technique Successfully Breeds Critically Endangered Scimitar-Horned Oryx.”, July 2018.
Settling a Heated Debate—Do Zebra Stripes Keep These Animals Cool?, July 2018.
How Tiny Trackers Could Help Humans Avoid Kissing Bugs’ Deadly Smooch.”, July 2018.
How Humans Created the Ultimate Superpests.”, July 2018.
Ask SITN: Why don’t sheep shrink in the rain?Science in the News, July 2018.
Giant Panda Mei Xiang Will Not Give Birth.”, July 2018.
How Artificial Ovaries Could Expand Fertility Options For Chemo Patients.”, July 2018.
Five Real Life Wasp Superpowers Not in Ant-Man and the Wasp.”, July 2018.
National Zoo Reports Death of Infant Golden Lion Tamarin.”, July 2018.
The Century’s Longest Lunar Eclipse Will Shroud the Moon This Month.”, July 2018.
For His Patriotic Birthday, Five Facts About Calvin Coolidge.”, July 2018.
The Earliest Mammals Kept Their Cool With Descended Testicles.”, June 2018.
Alternatives to Heterosexual Pairings, Brought to You By Non-Human Animals.”, June 2018.
A Primer on the Zoo’s Possibly Pregnant Giant Panda.”, June 2018.
Why Bioluminescence Evolved to be Red Light, and Blue.”, June 2018.
It's Pooches vs. Poachers in the Fight Against Wildlife Smugglers.”, June 2018.
Operation Calamari: How the Smithsonian Got Its Giant Squids.”, June 2018.
Like Birds, Some Bats Warble to Woo Their Mates.”, June 2018.
Five Ways Real Science Would Make the New Jurassic World So Much Better.”, June 2018.
Ask SITN: If you were able to talk on another planet, how would you sound?Science in the News, May 2018.
Ask SITN: How are pets different from wild animals? Science in the News, May 2018.
Biomes, They are A-Changin’.” I Contain Multitudes, Tangled Bank Studios, HHMI. Medium, Apr. 2018.
Ask SITN: What’s the deal with gluten?Science in the News, Apr. 2018.
The Power of Poo.” I Contain Multitudes, Tangled Bank Studios, HHMI. Medium, Mar. 2018.
Baby, It’s Dirty Outside.” I Contain Multitudes, Tangled Bank Studios, HHMI. Medium, Mar. 2018.
Me, Myself, and a Hundred Trillion.” I Contain Multitudes, Tangled Bank Studios, HHMI. Medium, Dec. 2017.
Immunotherapy, with a side of poo.” Science in the News, Dec. 2017.
A Taste of Our Own Medicine.” I Contain Multitudes, Tangled Bank Studios, HHMI. Medium, Nov. 2017.
Why aren’t we curing the world’s most curable diseases?” Originally published in The Conversation, republished in The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, Salon, and more, Oct. 2017.
Dances with Chatbots: Interviews at the forefront of AI technology.” Science in the News, Aug. 2017.
Why Can’t Scientists Talk Like Regular Humans?Scientific American, May 2017.
How to Be a Socially Conscious Scientist.” Science in the News, Apr. 2017.
Love, Actually: the science behind lust, attraction, and companionship.” Science in the News, Feb. 2017.
Between the (Gender) Lines: the Science of Transgender Identity.” Science in the News, Oct. 2016.
’I’m XY and I Know It’: Sex Determination Systems 101.” Science in the News, Aug. 2016.
We are Not as Alone as We Think.” Hippo Reads, Aug. 2015.
Hold the Phone: Technology’s Role in Combating Infectious Disease.” Science in the News, Jun. 2015.
Top Science Reads for Summer: On Immortality, Mortality, Germs and Justice.” Hippo Reads, May 2015.

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